Rekeying or Changing Lock

Rekeying or Changing the Lock; What Should You Do?

In case you are wondering, what is better for your lock, rekeying vs changing the lock? Our experts at 911 lock and keys can guide you on what you should choose. You can call us at any time. Our professionals will gladly provide you with all the details you need about changing locks and rekeying locks. Rekeying locks is the simple process of changing the pins and tumblers inside the lock. Once the pins and tumblers have been changed, your old key will not work on the repurposed lock; hence your next task is to ask the locksmiths to provide you with the key. They will provide you with a key that works with your new locks. It would be best if you got your locks rekeyed in situations like when you’ve let go of a nanny or a caregiver or any contractor who was working in your house and had a spare. Changing the whole lock is not required in this situation.

Rekeying vs. Changing Locks: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to locks, it’s best to get them rekeyed rather than changed completely. Rekeying locks is the process of changing the pins and tumblers inside the lock, and that way, the lock becomes new without changing the entire lock. And you do receive a new key for the new lock. When it comes to changing locks, the whole lock is changed, and in some cases, the contractors you choose can even cause some cosmetic damage. However, our employees at 911 lock and key know how to change locks and rekey locks without causing any cosmetic damage to the door.

How Much Would It Cost to Rekey a Lock?

Our service providers are available 24/7 to assist you in finding out all the information you need including how much would it cost to rekey a lock. Our support team will ask you about your requirements and guide you about the services and their cost. Our support team can fully assess the price on the spot and deliver you an instant quote on the phone call. If you require the service of rekeying locks, call us now at our support number, and the team will guide you all about rekeying locks and changing locks.

How to Rekey a Lock

Since we live in the modern day and age, there is much noise about doing it yourself, better known as DIY. Some people may try to use google to find out how to rekey a lock. And there may be websites that will provide them with complete guidance on how to rekey a lock. However, some things are best left to the people who know what they are doing—the professionals. Our team is well-versed in all kinds of locks and can work with all types of keys. Our team is filled with highly professional team members who are well-versed in the latest technology of keys and locks. We can even provide you the service of duplicate car keys with chips as our team understands how to duplicate the car keys’ intricate technology.

Changing Locks vs. Rekeying Locks; When to Do Which?

Suppose you are in a situation where you are wondering what you should do about your locks and don’t know if it’s time to change locks vs. rekey locks and which one you should choose. Call us now, and our support team will guide you on what needs to be done to fix the situation. Our support team is filled with people who understand the importance and urgency of the moment. Also, they are trained to treat each customer with empathy and understand their situation before guiding them on what to do. Once you decide what kind of service you need, our team will dispatch team members who will be at your doorstep in no time to rekey locks or change locks. Our dispatch team comes fully equipped to tackle the situation and helps you relax while we get to work and finish the job.

How Do You Rekey a Lock?

There has been much chatter about doing things yourself, and there are many videos and blogs out there that will teach you how do you rekey a lock. However, we are here to inform you that not everything should be done on your own as you may not have the experience or the skills to work on a lock. That might end up causing some cosmetic damage to the home, and you may end up adding more bills than needed. Hence it is best to call the professionals at the time of need as we come to your space fully equipped. You can rely on our service since we provide nothing but the best to our customers and ensure no cosmetic damage is done to the home.

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock?

Has there been a situation that has led you to wonder how to fix a sliding glass door lock? Well, the answer to this can be found on the internet, and you may end up finding us among those answers. If you have stumbled upon our website and are still wondering how to fix a sliding glass door lock? Then call us on our support number right now. And let our support team can guide you through the process and dispatch a team of professionals to visit your location to assess the situation and change the locks on the sliding doors.

Where to Make Key Copies?

Do you want to get copies of your home or office keys and wonder where to make key copies? Then call us now, and we will guide you on how our professionals make copies of keys and how efficiently our team provides this service. Our team will arrive at your location fully equipped to tackle the job and ensure that our employee’s work does not disrupt your day or office work. Please call us on our support number now to get complete guidance.